Read first what the rems and conditions are before you send us an apply. Are you motivated and are you full of magic? Then you are who we are looking for so do not wait and apply with us, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

We are looking for…
Builder Developer
Terms and conditions
  • You are at least 15 years old
  • You have respect for other players
  • You know what you have to do and you can do it independently.
  • You are creative and you always wants to do better
  • You can behave and react like an adult
  • You can be almost everyday online on the server

You know how to make plugins in java.

  • Send us a example of a plugins you made.
  • Make a plugin for us so we can see what you can.
  • You have the necessary programs to design a model (Cubik Studio, MrCrayfish’s etc.)
  • You know how to use the programs and can create models for attractions, food, cars, hats etc.
  • You can show us a exaple of what you made and you can prove that you made it.
  • You want to work with us and have the magic inside you…


You love to make videos or do live streams. And you know how to do tis.

  • You have experience in making Minecraft videos
  • You know what the best is for a video
  • You have to correct programs*
  • etc.

*You don’t? We can give you maybe some programs

You know how to work with a live chat and you are good with people.

  • You wants to know everything about MagieCraft so you can answer on almost any question
  • You know how a live chat system works
  • You listen to the people and stay calm

You know how to work with the following plugins.

  • WorldEdit*
  • WorldGuard
  • VoxelSniper


You do this as the best and love to use Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

You know how to use the right programs for this, such as Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

You love to help users and do this with a smile.